The Texas Radio Hall of Fame (c)  is THE organization dedicated to honoring the greats in broadcasting from The Lone Star State.  Our 2015 Induction Celebration will be held in the Fall, in Austin.

Our most recent inductees are:  

Vandy Anderson-Galveston

Dave Moreland-Tyler

Johnny Chiang-Houston

Tom Allen-Austin

Outlaw Dave Andrews-Houston

Brent Clanton-Houston

Jose Jaime Garcia-Austin

John Hiatt-Houston

Jerry King-San Antonio

John Lander-Houston

Chet Maxwell-Dallas

Mike Wade-Dallas

Mike Rhyner-Dallas

Walter “Rockin’ Chip” Hammock-Houston

Rio and Reyes-San Antonio

Irene Runnels-Dallas

 Our membership initiative will begin in January of 2015.  The nominating process will begin in the Spring.


 CONTACT:  Josh Holstead-Operations Manager, Texas Radio Hall of Fame  info@trhof.net