How Voting Works


Our voting cycle will be in two steps.  Step one (the nominating round) will begin July 1st and run though July 18th. You may nominate up to TEN people. Keep in mind, you may only do this once, so have all the names and information for your nominees ready.  You may NOT submit a few names now, and a few names later during this time period.  Secondary and subsequent submissions will not be considered.

Names of vetted, and BOARD APPROVED nominees will be posted on July 20th.

Final round voting will begin then (July 20th) and run through July 31st at 6pm.

Inductees will be named on August 2nd.

The basic and most minimum requirement is that the individual nominee have worked in radio within the state of Texas at some point.  The mission of our group is to only recognize the highest caliber of people who have largely made Texas the focus of their good work.  Individuals who demonstrated exemplary skill, recognition from their peers,  and were absolute stand-outs, no matter what part they played within their organization is what we are looking for.  The thing you should consider before submitting any name is: ‘are they Hall of Fame worthy?’

YOU MUST BE A LIFETIME VOTING MEMBER before July 1st to participate, nominate and vote.

Incomplete and insufficient ballots will be discarded. *This does not mean that you must submit ten names, but for those names you do submit, you must provide at least a minimum amount of biographical data, photos, etc.  All of which are easily uploaded in our online web portal.