How Voting Works


Since the beginning, we have tried to keep the voting process simple.   With refinements and easier access over the years, we believe that we have come up with a very fair and easy way for you to cast your votes, submit information, include photographs and participate with a minimum amount of effort.


To be eligible for consideration within our ranks you must have worked in broadcasting within the borders of Texas. Clearly it takes more than that to earn the recognition and accolades of your peers that leads to induction, but it’s a fiercely guarded rule that is the core of our existence.


Voting takes place over a one month window every Summer. In 2018 we will accept nominations between August 1st and 31st.


If you are a Lifetime Voting Member, cast your votes and submit materials for up to ten individuals you believe are worthy of induction. Once those names have been properly processed and vetted, they go on to our Inductee Committee for final consideration-then the names are posted as ‘nominees.’


From there, we tally the votes, break the ties (if any) and announce the 15 individuals who will be inducted at our November event.